Get Rid Of My Cellulite

Reduce Cellulite in less than 8 weeks? Is that possible?

This is another interesting post for your Cellulite Treatment Blog. What type of a blog would this be if it didn’t include Erica Nguyen?

cellulite fatIf you’ve been on the cellulite cream merry-go-round and didn’t have success eliminating cellulite, it will well be worth an effort to check out Erica’s new cellulite training course. Erica Nguyen is a Certified Personal Trainer & Cellulite expert who has helped thousands of people treat cellulite naturally.

No two people are exactly the same and some people cannot rely on just a cream to get rid of their cellulite. Some people do require what I call a “holistic approach” to finally be cellulite free.

Her website can be found here. She really digs deep into the causes and also the best natural treatment for cellulite.

The techniques she uses for eliminating cellulite differ from other systems in the fact that she goes straight to the root of the problem. Her treatment addresses many common misconceptions about cellulite creams.

I bet you didn’t know that cellulite creams are not legally permitted to go deeper than the dermis layer. Did YOU know that? (The human skin has 3 layers [more if you count sub-layers], the dermis or top level of skin, right underneath that you have the epidermis and below that again you have the actual fat cells. (See picture)

You can easily see the conundrum here. If cellulite creams are by law forbidden to penetrate the epidermis; how can they ever reduce or eliminate cellulite at all? The answer to that is simple. They don’t! They work differently, but that is a topic for another post.

Erica Targets Things Like:

1. The role genetics plays in cellulite formation.
2. Exercise or the lack thereof and which exercise routines are the best
3. What effect hormonal changes play in generating dimpled skin.
4. How over productions of estrogen can play havoc with your cellulite appearance.
5. Lifestyle and changes you may need to implement to get rid of cellulite forever.
6. Diet and which types of food you absolutely need to avoid

This treatment doesn’t require you to go through gruesome or gruelling exercise routines to get any benefit. This cellulite treatment is based on natural and organic everyday changes you can easily accomplish to get rid of your cellulite forever.

This is her website again: follow link. Visit her website and take a look for yourself, I can guarantee you’ll be happy you did. Right now, you have no excuse to live with the embarrassment of cellulite anymore.

The ultimate cellulite treatment is right at your fingertips, grab it now.


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